Data Recovery

Data loss is only temporary, and we prove it constantly with our high data recovery success rate.

Data Recovery

Yes, we do magic

If you have experienced a hard drive crash or if you have lost data, you have come to the right place. Data Recovery is a service Novatech provides that recovers data from all failed computers and hard drives. Our staff understands that this experience can lead you to feel that you’ve lost a chunk of your life. We will work with you throughout the process to ensure a quick recovery of your treasured data.

What can you recover?

Novatech specializes in providing advanced data recovery in El Paso, Tx. We can restore lost, erased, or nonfunctional data from hard disk drives. Although every case differs, our tools allow us to gain access to and recover data to make sure that your data is not permanently lost. It does vary from case to case depending on the damage, but if the drive is recoverable, all uncorrupted files on the drive can be regained. In certain instances, you may need specific files recovered. In this case, you would let us know which files are vital so we can prioritize and work on those before anything else.

data recovery
Data Recovered

How Fast Is Data Recovered?


There are two main factors that will determine how quickly data can be recovered: the damage done and how the data was stored. Both will have a huge effect on the length of the recovery process. For example, fire damage to your data is much different than that of a computer that simply stopped working. We understand how critical your data can be and will make sure that we perform our data recovery assessment thoroughly to efficiently tackle recovering your data.

Do you need to recover lost data?

Do you need to recover lost data?