Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

You want to protect your organization against cyberattacks that put your employees, customers, and your business reputation at risk.

Managed IT

The best way to manage today’s security threats

Security used to be so simple for the average business. You installed anti-virus (AV) solutions, trained employees not to click on unknown links, and kept software and websites up to date. For a few low-risk companies, that may still be the case, but the vast majority of small to midsize companies now need to fortify against new, advanced threats that can get around traditional AV.

With the rise of more advanced threat vectors and the use of Work-from-Home technologies businesses are facing greater threats to data and workflow and need a different type of protection to mitigate that risk.

Keep Your Business Safe

Traditional AV isn’t sufficient protection for your business because AV requires regular database updates of the current virus signatures to be effective. The protection afforded by AV software is only as good as the vendor’s updates. New threats arise daily, and ensuring updates get pushed out in a timely fashion is a best-effort scenario. Often, threats are discovered only after the damage is done.

Managed EDR

Gain freedom from ransomware by rolling back devices to their pre-infection state.

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and prevent both current and emerging threats, with continual updates to the platform.

Configure automated system remediation for fast threat incident response.

Monitor processes before, during, and after execution, to prevent new threats from slipping in.

Monitor your systems in real-time.

Keeps device performance fast with continual monitoring.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Can’t roll back to a pre-infection state,
increasing your ransomware risks.

Use signatures to identify threats, meaning capabilities lag cyber-attackers’ latest strategies.

Manually gather information / investigate the health of the endpoint and remediate any misconfigurations or unwanted system changes.

Fly blind during execution, creating an entry point for new threats from savvy attackers.

Rely on daily or weekly scans, increasing your risks.

Can slow down your device performance with long scans.

How Managed EDR Benefits You

Here’s why Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the best choice now for your IT security and business continuity.

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Minimize costly downtime caused by threat incidents

Protect against damage done by the latest threats with fast|AI-based threat detection, containment, and automated system remediation. Use Managed EDR to save time and protect your bottom line.

Protect your business from ransomware attacks

Gain peace of mind by using Managed EDR to roll back any and all devices to their pre-threat state. Simply click and restore infected machines to full productivity, no matter which strain of ransomware is holding them hostage.

Increase employee productivity

Eliminate threats that outwit traditional AV solutions and maintain faster device performance, creating fewer distractions that eat into employee productivity.

Let the experts manage it for you

Don’t spend time trying to support and manage your own systems and security. Focus on running and growing your business, with ongoing support from your managed service provider.

Gain freedom from ransomware by rolling back devices to their pre-infection state.

Gain freedom from ransomware by rolling back devices to their pre-infection state.