IT Management and
Security for Nonprofits

Your game-changing vision and good work that benefits our community should be backed up by technology and an IT support team that bolster your efforts.


Key Features of Our Services

  • Caring for the back end of your technologies
  • Answering IT questions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Setting up and integrating any new technologies you need
  • Maintaining IT security protocols
  • Automated operating systems, and application updates/patching
  • Client/Donor communications consulting and setup
  • Protection against workflow and data loss (business continuity)

what we do

We provide the IT security, management, maintenance, and support you need to run your nonprofit organization and pursue your mission without worrying about the back end of your technology.

why we do it

We want nonprofit organizations in our community to have the IT consulting, support, and security they need to do their game-changing work without the headaches associated with sluggish tech, unplanned downtime, or security breaches.

how we do it

We use enterprise-level IT maintenance and security tools to proactively and continuously secure and maintain the IT resources you use to run your operations—both on-site and in the field. Additionally, we provide C-suite IT consulting and IT support for answers to executive-level inquiries and day-to-day tech support.

what we do

We help architectural firms make the most of their IT investment by providing proactive IT maintenance, security, and day-to-day IT support services. This IT management strategy gives you the flexibility to scale and full in-house and mobile workflow functionality.

why we do it

We enjoy working with design-based businesses like architectural firms because advances in design technologies have made the AEC industry one of the most technologically interesting and challenging in the market today.

how we do it

We put the most advanced enterprise-grade tools and protocols to work within your business, continuously managing and maintaining your systems. Industry best practices are rigorously followed. We monitor your systems for any alerts or red flags, addressing any issue and mitigating any danger to your security or uptime. If you have a question or a problem that needs troubleshooting, we’re only a phone call or an email away.

Providing You with Tech that Supports Your Valuable Work

Your game-changing vision and good work that benefits our community should be backed up by technology and an IT support team that bolster your efforts. Our team of IT specialists view serving the tech-related needs of nonprofits in our community as an important part of our work. We believe in the power of positive change as demonstrated by those nonprofits. We don’t want sluggish, glitchy, outdated technologies to limit your effectiveness or efficiency. Because your network, computers, mobile devices, and cloud assets are critical to your operations, our team designs a custom IT support plan just for you.

Technology Support Designed for a Busy Nonprofit

24x7 advanced performance monitoring

Caring for the health, security, and functionality of your critical network and cloud assets

Workflow optimization

Optimizing your network by identifying, reporting, and resolving issues in real time

Backup management

Harnessing industry best practices to keep your environment and essential business data secure, protected, and available

Unlimited remote support

Giving you and your staff access to our technicians for IT answers and timely troubleshooting

Scheduled preventive maintenance

Keeping your servers, PCs, and other vital network devices functioning optimally, improving reliability and security

The Right IT Partner and the Right IT Approach

Dependability and No SurprisesIt’s crucial to have an IT partner that can support your mission and help you innovate IT solutions to make your work more streamlined and secure. Our team works with nonprofits every day to deliver comprehensive, proactive IT maintenance and support within a budgeted monthly subscription payment. We make IT support easy, predictable, and affordable for nonprofits. Our plans come with all the security, support, maintenance, and troubleshooting you need, within an easily budgeted, monthly subscription format. That means no more big, surprise IT repair bills that take valuable resources away from the good work you are trying to do

Are You and Your Employees Using Valuable Time Doing Your Own IT Maintenance?

Are You and Your Employees Using Valuable Time Doing Your Own IT Maintenance?