IT Services for Dental Services

Because of the personal data collected from your clients and the money involved in property sales, the real estate industry is disproportionally targeted by cybercriminals.


Budgeted technology care that fits your practice

Whether you operate as a solo practice or a group of dental offices spread across the region, you require IT support tailored to your needs. That’s what our team provides—holistic IT support for dental practices of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced IT services team works with practices like yours every day to help ensure the stability, security, and function of the technology you rely upon for patient care.

Tech support on-call

Our IT professionals are here to serve you. Call or email us with everything from simple questions about your computers and software to urgent troubleshooting requests. Our objective is to provide you with a level of service that allows you to operate without IT distractions.

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Saving You Time and Money

You’ve hired your employees because they have a specific skill set, so why waste their time trying to fix and maintain computers? Our IT professionals work behind the scenes to free your staff from downtime due to IT speedbumps and roadblocks. We work on tech, so you can have more time to work with your patients.

Protecting your practice

Your records hold the financial, healthcare, and insurance information for your patients. That’s why your dental office is a likely target of cybercriminals. We undertake a layered approach to your IT security, providing you with solutions such as email protection, network security, and protocols against ransomware.

Providing cost savings and predictable IT support expense

Unexpected, expensive IT repair bills always seem to come at the wrong time.

We have the solution.

Our team gives you the predictability of having a set monthly payment for all your IT support needs. This subscription

IT care model gives you the confidence of a team of professionals behind you, and saves you money in the long run.

Integrating your IT assets for greater efficiency

Your practice management software undoubtedly has many features. Still, there are aspects of your office
technology that need to be dovetailed with it. We help you minimize repetitive work by integrating tools like
imaging and communications software to optimize your workflow.

Enabling you to meet and maintain adherence to legislative compliance

The privacy of patient data has become an important factor in the management of your IT. A breach could result in expensive fines due to non-compliance and injury to the reputation of your practice. Dental offices across the region rely on our IT consultants to deliver IT compliance protocol planning, management, and employee training.

Helping you achieve your best work/life balance

You don’t want to spend time after hours making sure your computers are maintained, your security protocols are current, and your data is protected. You don’t want to be called while on vacation because of some IT problem at the office.

We understand.

That’s what our team is here to do. We take care of the IT side of your practice, so you and your staff can care for patients and get the time for yourself that you deserve.

Are You and Your Employees Using Valuable Time Doing Your Own IT Maintenance?

Are You and Your Employees Using Valuable Time Doing Your Own IT Maintenance?